Loutra Pozar, Aridaia, Pella

At the foot of Kaimaktsalan, just 13 km from Aridaia and 25 from Edessa, lie the Pozar Thermal Baths. Huge plane trees, the river that descends to the gorge and the sound of the water that travels visitors, make up the fairytale setting of Pozar Loutra.

The complex's facilities are organized in a small spa town with hotels, restaurants, swimming pools and changing rooms, offering the visitor a high standard of service. The thermal springs of Pozar Loutra springs at an altitude of 390 meters. They are created by rainwater, which penetrates deep into the ground, is heated there, then rises higher and gradually enriched with metals and other elements. The hot springs of Pozar Baths have a constant temperature of 37 ° C while the temperature of other natural sources can reach up to 60 ° C. Bath treatments are indicated for rheumatoid arthritis, arthropathies, kidney diseases, dermatopathies, gynecological diseases and circulatory problems. In Pozar Bath you can enjoy the water in one of the specially designed indoor swimming pools or one of the baths. The large outdoor pool is ideal for diving both in winter and in summer. As for the lovers of the whirlpool, the countless waterfalls with the 5 natural lakes, where the warm waters sink from the ground, promise moments of real relaxation. At the spa there are two hydrotherapy facilities. The first one has been operating since 1960 and includes 48 individual baths, 2 indoor pools and 2 individual steam baths, with a capacity of 6 people. Since the end of 2005, a new hydrotherapy center with 6 individual swimming pools and artificial waterfalls has begun.

The Loutra Pozar are a destination for those who want to combine contact with nature, rest and the benefits of balneotherapy, which is wrong to believe, that it is addressed only to the elderly. It is not only a means of physical relief and healing, but also a means of euphoria, mental and spiritual. It is no coincidence that more and more people are in favor of the view that 10 baths annually strengthens the body and shields it throughout the winter.